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Licensed Stock Photos & Downloads

The majority of my images are available for immediate license and download for business use direct from this website. Licensed image downloads are free of all watermarks. Images that are not available for immediate download can still be licensed off-line by contacting me. If you don't see what you are looking for in the galleries, you can use the search facility to search my complete archive.

The on-line licensing system provided on this site will cater for most common uses but if you need something not listed, or wish to customise the license to fit your needs, please contact me to discuss.

Discounts are available for multiple license purchases so please contact me to discuss your requirements. It is always cheaper to purchase all the licenses you need up front than to add them at a later date.

When you license an image, you will be issued you with a full license detailing the terms that have been agreed.

You may not use the image beyond the terms of the license agreement although of course I would be more than happy to quote a fee for extending the license at any time. If you wish to extend the terms of an existing license, please get in touch to discuss.

I manage the complete history of all licenses sold for every one of my images available on this site. Just contact me if you wish to enquire about the license history of a particular image, or discuss an exclusive license before purchase.

Rights Managed Licensing

All my images are available for licensing under the Rights Managed (RM) model. What does this mean? Simply put this is time limited licensing at a price determined by use. For example, it can specify:

the size of the image,
the number of printed copies,
the country or location the image is published,
the industry sector,

You only pay for the usage you need and do not pay for usage you do not.

I believe this offers you the best value for your money although I appreciate that there are times when you may need more than a simple license. I am always happy to discuss and negotiate the best license and price for your project to give you the best value possible.

I manage the complete history of all licenses sold for every one of my images available on this site. This is after all why these licenses are called Right Managed. This allows you the opportunity to check the image you are interested in has not previously been used by a potential rival company or publication.

A RM license also allows for exclusivity to be purchased for that license thus preventing a competing company or publisher using the same image for the same use, or similar. Please contact me if you wish to enquire about the license history of an image, or discuss an purchasing exclusive license.

Ordering On-line

To order a Rights Managed download, click on the 'Buy' button on the image you wish to download then select the 'Buy Rights Managed License' option and select the aspects of the license which meet your needs.

My prices include VAT at the current UK rate for clients in the EU. If you are an EU business outside of the UK with a valid VAT registration number, you may use this number during the checkout process and VAT will not be charged.


Payment at the checkout can be made on-line using most major credit or debit cards through the secure Stripe payments system, or securely from a PayPal account.

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Image Delivery

Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email containing details of the license purchased and download links for the image(s) licensed and my Terms & Conditions (which includes your copy of the license). Should an email not arrive, please check your spam folder (emails will be sent from the address so you may want to white list this address).

Licensing Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read my Terms & Conditions before ordering.

Colour Space

All images downloaded from the library are saved in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. Accurate viewing and reproduction depends on the recipient properly applying ICC colour management.

All preview images displayed on this website use the sRGB colour space and for the best results I recommend that this site is viewed with a properly colour managed browser.

Image Resolution

I do not interpolate my images to a minimum size. The image dimensions shown against each image on my site is the native size of the image at capture or scanning (after cropping) and no enlargement has been applied.

If your project requires larger, or smaller, sizes I am happy to non-destructively interpolate each image to your specification on request. Most images can undergo significant enlargement and I can advise on the suitability of your chosen image for enlargement if in doubt.

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